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Why Smart Agencies Are Choosing to Outsource

Steve Jobs, Obama, and Zuckerberg all chose to wear the same outfit each day to remove the fatigue from decisions that didn’t need to be made.

It allowed them to then dedicate their focus to the decisions that did, and is the overarching reason agencies are making the smart decision to outsource the tasks that aren’t integral or directly involved in recruiting.

You make more by spending less

Anything that pleases both the CFO and CEO is something that businesses should consider, and reducing spend and boosting profit is likely to do both.

In-house staff are costly. The collective cost of bankrolling additional staff, rental space to accommodate them, the lost productivity from paid leave and the fringe benefits (maternity leave, gym memberships) that may come with them, leave a noticeable dent in business’ pockets.

Replacing all these superfluous costs with an outsourced specialist that manages all this for less than a salary, 365 days a year gives agencies a competitive advantage.

You save six months in training

Oxford Economics recently cited that it takes almost 28 weeks for a hire to reach their full potential, which means the cost of taking on a new employee and training them will naturally take its toll on productivity.

Outsourcing removes the training period by providing specialists in the chosen area you’re looking to outsource. That’s not to say there may not be an adjustment period in which you develop a working dynamic, but the time frame is significantly reduced.

You don’t need to manage

If you choose your partner carefully, there’s no need to manage or oversee their work. Good products and services will fit seamlessly with your company and produce results in the background.

Outsourcing to a specialist is usually priced by results and deliverable metrics. The more flexible outsourcing models also mean you’ll only pay when you use the services.

You remove the headaches

A lot of processes that are outsourced fall into two areas. The tedious, arduous and time-consuming tasks that agencies would rather remove, like timesheets, invoicing and credit checking. And the specialist areas that could be better carried out by an outside expert, such as content, advertising and design.


Calum Morrison is the content & marketing executive for Sonovate, a financial tech company that has become the smartest way for recruitment agencies to fund and manage contractors.