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4 Things Top Recruiters Will Do in 2016

The recruitment industry is changing. As businesses begin to grow and hire, great candidates are in high demand, and they know it. Candidates know their value, and act like it, holding out on job offers for better deals and opportunities. This presents a huge opportunity for recruiters to re-assert the skills that make them a crucial part of the job market, but not everyone is going to succeed. With recent changes to the ways we source talent, influence the market, and build relationships. Only those recruiters who change with the industry will find success though, and that means doing a couple of things…

1 - Create an Awesome Digital Footprint

2016 is going to be exciting, with changes to the ways we source talent, influence the market, and build relationships. Those recruiters who change with the industry - supported by the latest technology – will find success, and turn from Tony Stark to Iron Man.

The best recruiters will grow strong relationships on social media in the same way they used to over the phone, then convert them into opportunities either in person, on the phone, or through their well-designed and easy to use website. Creating a great digital footprint is all about making it easier for you to reach out and say hello. The best recruiters are going to build networks of like-minded people using social networks and talent communities who they can then turn into successful placements.

2 - Pick a Niche and Know It Inside-out

Those recruiters who make good use of technology to streamline their work and research will free up more time for themselves to build an amazing database that is theirs and theirs alone. The last thing recruiters want to be doing in is scrapping over the same candidates, so start thinking about your niche NOW. Niche recruiters will thrive in 2016 because they will be able to offer a skill set and talent pool which in-house recruitment teams simply do not have. If there’s one thing you do in the lead up to 2016, identify what you’re best at, how you can become better, and how you can market that talent.

3 - Blend Sales with Marketing and Start #PredictiveRecruitment

Increasingly the business of recruiting is less about selling to someone, and more about attracting someone to you. The most successful recruiters of 2016 are going to market their skills and give things away now, so they can reap the benefits later. The best recruiters will be marketing to those jobseekers they know will be looking for jobs in the future, not just those searching now. We’re calling this ‘Predictive Recruitment’ and it’s all about seeing and preparing for opportunities before they arise so you can be there the moment a jobseeker enters the job market.

4 - Develop a Complete (and Positive) Brand

The ability to find and win over candidates online before they hit the public job boards is going to be what separates the top recruiters from everyone else in the future, and you’re not going to be able to compete if you aren’t presenting yourself as the expert your candidate/client needs. Your brand needs to encompass your entire practice, from how you treat applicants, right through to how you handle a placement.

A bad brand can do more to damage your business than almost anything else. Candidates share their employment success and horror stories with one another, and you don’t want anyone speaking ill of you. A great digital footprint, niche expertise, and an excellent candidate pool mean nothing if your name is dirt.

There is success on the cards for a lot of recruiters in 2016, but only to those who take change in their stride and embrace candidate-focused methods. For those that don’t, it could be a tough year.


Alex Blott

Content Guru

Alex the resident Content Guru over at Firefish. He works with everyone in the office to make sure their thoughts and ideas are well represented on the blog.