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Your Essential Online Tool Kit For Recruitment

Recruiters might traditionally be more akin to a phone, a computer, and a stylised rolodex as the only real tools they need. But times have changed.

While the best weapon in recruitment remains a silver tongue, technology has given those that use it a competitive advantage. With this in mind we threw together a shortlist of online tools for recruiters.


In a nutshell it’s a CRM in your inbox. Use Streak as a simple way of collaborating and organising your inbox with colleagues and stay on top of your calendar.

One of the highlights of streak is it allows you the ability to see when, and how often, people are opening your emails. A well timed phone call can then work twice as well in your favour.


An inbound marketing tool that tracks your visitors’ journey through your site and allows you to profile their interests and then tailor your marketing directly to them.

See the visitors that click through from an email but don’t apply for a job, see where they go, and then build a campaign around what would convert them into a deal.


Ever wondered why that advert from Amazon has followed you around the internet. Well it wasn’t an accident.

Paying for some retargeting advertising would mean those that have applied for a job, or interacted in some way on your site, are followed around the web with similar adverts or tailored messages.


A project management tool that allows teams to work dynamically and throw all their tasks to a flexible planner. Assign tasks, show performance, and outline directives.

Asana is a really simple way of keeping everyone up-to-date on the progression of the recruitment process without relying on emails.


Showcase your custom-built KPIs on the big screen. With a live stream of performance metrics you can motivate your team, make more informed decisions and swiftly address problems, or opportunities that may appear.

Stylise what you show by choosing the metrics you measure and pulling the data from the services you use.

Hootsuite & Sendible

Social media was once an afterthought for recruiters but with over 74% of internet users now actively using some form or another, it’s a necessity.

Sendible is the young pretender to Hootsuite, the first big player in social media management, and for some it might be a more dynamic alternative.

It’s a great way to collate, schedule, and track multiple people’s social media messaging across several platforms.

Find out when you or your agency are mentioned on social media, who’s interacting with your messaging and even source free relevant content.


Content marketing is a way of attracting, engaging, and growing your candidates by providing them with the information they need.

Tradepub offers a free repository for white papers and articles for recruiters to access and provide to their audience.


A way to use social media data more intelligently, and to help paint a picture of somebody’s social footprint. Just received an email? See your mutual connections and their recent activity across all social media.

Google Hangouts

Remove location and travel from the recruitment process where you can by using video interviews when possible to qualify candidates.

Google Hangouts is a free and easy way to collaborate with candidates and clients remotely.

Calum Morrison is the content & marketing executive for Sonovate, a financial tech company that has become the smartest way for recruitment agencies to fund and manage contractors.

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