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Staying Human in a Technical World

In the past five to ten years, the advancements and availability of mobile phones and social media platforms has played an important part in the development of the recruitment industry. Your candidates can apply online, like your company on Facebook, and subscribe to your feed of open jobs. You can send candidates text messages, add them to lists on Twitter and connect via LinkedIn.

Getting in touch used to be an effort…

This is a stark contrast from the days of primarily using the telephone for communication. Candidates would call in to indicate their availability, and in turn you would dial a number that was most likely for their home phone. Perhaps they had an answering machine, or you may even get a persistent engaged tone before finally reaching them.

Ten years ago, having an e-mail address wasn’t standard. Even if a candidate had an account, they would only be able to access their emails on their computer. Data plans were expensive, and email apps not as sophisticated as they are today. The candidate who doesn’t own a smart phone or tablet in 2015 is a rare breed.

We have become ‘less human’

Now you have a multitude of avenues to go down to communicate with your candidates. Technology has made the access and connection between agencies and job seekers instant. Recruitment software and add on services are available to help cut down on the time it takes to find the right candidate for the job. The way in which we stay in touch has become in a sense ‘less human’.

Are we surprised when our candidates treat us in the same way? If I receive texts about jobs from a recruiter, is it OK for me to text back? Not going to show up for the first day on the job? Just send a text! Unhappy with my placement? I’ll just tweet about it. As an agency or recruiter, if you set the tone for ONLY communicating in 140 characters or less, how can we expect candidates to interact differently?

Cultivate relationships without technology

Human beings want to be validated, they want to be heard and appreciated. Find out when their birthday is, and send a hand written card in the post. Have multiple candidates being interviewed for the same position? Send a rejection letter via mail rather than in a brief e-mail. Want to find out how someone is doing their first day on the job? Call them on the phone, or visit them onsite if possible to get feedback.

So, continue utilising all that technology has to offer, and let it help cut down the time it takes to keep in touch and spread the word about your agency. Just don’t forget how to interact in person, or cultivate the relationships you have with your candidates in meaningful and memorable ways.


Megan Walker

Marketing Manager


About the Author:

Megan Walker has worked for Bond International Software since 2007. Starting in the United States, she worked as an Implementation Consultant, an Account Manager, Training & Education Specialist, and then managed the Client Services Team. Moving back to her homeland in 2014, she now works for Bond in the United Kingdom as the Marketing Manager.For information on Bond Adapt, World Class Staffing & Recruitment Software, contact