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Why we joined TEAM as a supplier?

I have been in the recruitment industry since 1999. In 2004 I set up a recruitment agency from the South of France, supplying the UK market remotely. It was a good life, the fact that France was an hour ahead meant I didn't have to start work until 9:30AM. Secondly, in 2004 many of you may remember that the Euro was 1.5 to the pound, so my fees were practically doubled when I converted them back into Euros. In the early years I was really happy to run a lifestyle business, I was not thinking about scaling, or processes, it was more about working 4 hours in 35 d/c and enjoying the slower French life.

Sounds ideal, why did you ever come back? I can imagine you are asking. Well, sometimes things change, and one can only eat so many croissants. After 4 years I won a major contract with a global recycling company. I was asked to recruit across their 19 branches from Exeter to Sterling and over to Ireland. What was then a lifestyle business soon turned into a £600k turnover agency. I employed several staff and together we serviced our client by truly integrating ourselves into their business. At the time I didn’t know what RPO was, but we had essentially transformed into a boutique RPO business.

It was at this point that I first came across TEAM. I remember the feeling of relief and disbelief when I heard all the benefits that TEAM offered. I remember thinking, do agencies really share fees? Can I really get my job board advertising that cheap thanks to my friends at Candidate Source, and importantly, can I really get my insurance down that much? This proved important because not long after joining TEAM I found myself standing in my office with water up to my ankles, the roof had caved in after 7 long days and nights of rain.

Most of all, I remember the open access to process and legal documentation, all the things that a good agency should have in place if it wants to scale up and start winning larger contracts. For me this was a god send. As a smaller player, I was able to offer my client the knowledge and resource that only a much larger player would normally be able to offer.

This is the key to TEAM’s success and why it is such an important resource for small to medium sized agencies. TEAM helps smaller agencies compete, it is that simple.

My days of recruiting are over, I was always much better at driving creative and strategic programs than physically recruiting. For this reason I decided to go back to my roots and use my degree in design to launch a recruitment marketing agency. Initially we concentrated on the corporate world, building recruitment marketing programs for the likes of Samsung. In 2014 we won a major award for our website and branding services. It was this accolade that got me thinking, we really should be offering these services to agencies. We understand the difficulties agencies have in differentiating themselves and building a solid brand. We understand the technologies associated with recruitment agencies, and we really understand the change in the market over the last 4 years and the fact that recruitment is no longer transactional. It has never been so important for agencies to add value, be it through industry expertise, technology, employer branding or simply being a true outsourced partner.

We feel we can really help agencies deliver these value adds, and that is why we have joined TEAM as a supplier. TEAM gives us the platform to speak to agencies who like us back in 2004 needed support and help to compete. We want to help TEAM members define and market their proposition to clients and candidates alike. Maybe you are struggling to articulate your uniqueness, or you just want a bespoke website that doesn't look like all the rest. Whatever your needs, TEAM is incredibly important to us, not just because of the opportunity to provide services to its members, but because we have come full circle and can now give something back to network that helped us evolve into what we are today….and we genuinely love what we do. I look forward to meeting fellow members and suppliers at the regional meetings and forthcoming regional meetings and the Conference in February 2016.

Chris Heron

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