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The World of Recruitment CRM’s

Let’s go back to basics for a moment – a good CRM makes the entire Agency-Client relationship management slick by using a centralised storage location for collecting information on prospective and established clients.

With this in mind it’s fair to say a good CRM system will syncronise the various marketing efforts and optimise results by automating client communications.

Furthermore – I would suggest the best CRM system would enhance internal & external interactions using many tools designed to fit the Agency’s dynamics and culture.

So when considering either the first purchase or changing from an incumbent then perhaps looking for a flexible
solution that automates as many of the client transactions
and interactions as possible, efficiently looks after automated marketing and is fully integrated in the business seamlessly sending & receiving information to maximize revenues.

These are a selection of the key features to consider when selecting a CRM;

  • On Premise or SaaS Solution
  • Analytics included
  • Multiple Data Import Formats
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Data unlimited per user
  • API & Integrations
  • Marketing suite

Before the CRM can be selected, the requirements need to be known. This is known as the “Spec & Select” process – it just means the requirements should be listed first to understand the right solution.

Three examples of requirements could be,

  • A 360 degree view into prospect and customer records
  • Real time record updates on contacts, accounts, opportunities, documents etc
  • Managing the collaboration and team selling

The CRM system that suits one business may well be very different to the system for the next – it’s always wise to invest the time to understand & document the requirements before any demonstrations take place. Free trials are often offered and operating on a stand alone PC before purchasing for the business can be a great idea.

It’s also important to mention no system is 100%, most will only be 85-90% - software customisation (for the larger budgets), change in business process or manual work are the most widely used methods for closing the gap.

At Isrec we have the experience and proven ability to bring the right solution to your business and manage the implementation project through its life cycle.

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