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Does Your Website Pass The Test?

Most people tend to think of Green Umbrella as a social media company, and rightly so. But before we engage a new client for any social media management services, the first thing we look at is their website. What is the point of using social media to drive traffic back to your website, if, when a visitor arrives at the site there they are not converting into a lead or a customer?

We have a proven method to ensure that the site is working from a marketing perspective. So let me talk you through this10-pointlist, and you can take your website for a test drive.

1 - Where Are Your "Calls To Action"?

If you are smart, then you will be focused on the language of your site. To score a point in this section, I am looking for some strong calls to action. I am looking for words such as "download", "follow us", "Click here", "live chat", "job search" - the bottom line is that you need to give your audience something to do and make them take action. Calls to action are not only great for that all important sale, but they are also a fantastic tool to keep your bounce rate low. If people are completing forms, playing a game, engaging with you on live chat then you have more chance of a conversion. Also, Google will think your site is fabulous as people are exploring and staying on your site. The lower your bounce rate, the more Google love you receive.

Have you got any calls to action on your website?

2 - Where's the pain?

Are you tapping into the emotions of your visitors? Is the language of your website customer focused? For example, how many times do you mention YOUR name, in the content of the home page? How many times do you say "we", "us" , "our" - rather than customer focused language such as "you", your" etc. Guest blogger Phil Smith explains this in a recent article, with a link to test your knowledge. Check out his blog article here:

Does your website have customer focused language, or are you more "me, me, me?"

3 -Do You Have Regular Fresh Content?

We all know how important having regular content on your website is nowadays. Having articles on your site which are between 300-1500 words, once every two weeks as a min, is imperative if Google rankings are important to you. If you are producing regular unbranded content then, Google will love you. To find out more about how Google works in laymans terms then check out the video below.

Do you have regular fresh content on your website?

4 - Are You Capturing That Important Data?

I am still amazed how many people are not grabbing any type of data capture from their website. Whether this be a free download of a special offer / eBook or capturing data via a live chat facility. There are many ways to entice people to surrender their email address by giving something away for free. You then have a database that you can market too. I would highly recommend using a wordpress plugin called magicbox, or even using some software called Lead Pages. If you do not have control of your website, then I would certainly advise taking a look at Lead Pages. It's a great way to produce a lead magnet and do some split testing. (If you are not sure what split testing is or a lead magnet is then simply pop on our live chat and ask us - we are happy to help).

5 - Can Your Visitors Easily Share Your Content?

Clients often tell me that "yes" they have social sharing tools, but when I investigate further they simply have a link on their site to their social networking sites. This is not "social sharing". Social sharing is a little widget within your news, jobs, properties where your visitors can share your content with their audience. Take a look on the left-hand side of this article. You will see a floating social sharing tool. This one is called Alternate Digg Digg, and it is a Wordpress free plugin. I like this particular sharing tool as it floats along with the article rather than being at the top or the bottom. Your visitors do not always read to the end of the article, and they may be enticed to share the article half way through. It makes sense to give them the tools to share your content.

6 - Do Your Social Media Links Work?

Can people click a button on your homepage and follow you on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.? If you are active on any social networking sites, then I would strongly advise to have the icons in a prominent place on the homepage of your website.

Please take a minute and click on the icons to make sure that they go to the right place. You would not believe how many businesses have their LinkedIn account going to a personal profile rather than a business page, or how many Facebook links are directed to the Facebook login area and not directed to the correct page. So please check.

7 - Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

I know your web developer has told you that your site is mobile friendly, but have you checked it yourself recently? There are a number of different types of mobile friendly websites, but the best way to test it is to go onto your phone or tablet and then see if you can answer these questions: -

  • Can the text easily be read without scrolling, zooming or pinching?
  • Can customers call you with a single press of a button?
  • Are page links large enough to click with your thumb?
  • Is the site easy to navigate?

8 - Do You Have A Visible Telephone Number

This is an easy one, but you will still be surprised at how many businesses do not display their telephone number in the header or a prominent place within their website. It is a well-known fact that the more that people have to click to find information the more it dilutes that all important conversion, so please make sure that you have a visible number on your website. It is doubly important for mobile versions of your website.

9 - Are Your Testimonials Credible?

I appreciate that having testimonials on your website may not suit your business as you may not want to showcase your customers or clients, but please read this section before you dismiss it entirely. I am sure that your competitors know who your customers are. I am sure that you know who your competitors are supplying? Having testimonials on the website from your loyal customers is a fantastic way of solidifying that relationship. I urge you NOT to produce "wet lettuce" testimonials such as "What a fabulous service I received" from Fred, in Cardiff. Who on earth is Fred in Cardiff? This type of testimonial has no credibility at all. Take a look at your reviews on your website and see how they are displayed? Do they have a picture of a person, or a logo attached? Do they have their name or company name displayed? If you are displaying a video or audio testimonial then, you should receive double points!

10 - Are You Utilising A Variety Of Media

As time moves on, so does technology. We can make out websites look engaging with the simple use of images, video and audio. Ask yourself, does my website have many images or is it text heavy? Have I got any movement on my website such as a slider or video integration? Am I moving with the times, or is my site beginning to look a little bit dated?

I hope that you have found some benefit to these tips. There are many other things you need to consider for you website such as legal requirements, SEO, technical integration with 3rd party software etc, but the above 10 points are the basics that everyone should be embracing.

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