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Peach Personnel Services Ltd - Amanda Russell

TEAM had been recommended to us by two different recruitment companies but to be totally honest I only picked up the phone to call Tricia when I needed to renew some job board subscriptions, as I knew one of the benefits of being a TEAM Member was discounted rates. However Tricia was not content just to let me join; she convinced me of the importance of attending the TEAM quarterly meeting. To be honest, I was a bit sceptical as to the benefits but was pleasantly surprised. Existing Members talked positively of the benefits of sharing business – unheard of in a world where one recruiter doesn’t usually trust another as far as they can throw them. We had a group discussion on each table which was just normal & honest and there was also a great guest speaker, Jeremy Snell of Zero Entropy, who was really motivational and challenged a lot of the norms, which was really interesting.

Tricia then came to our offices to meet two of our Permanent Consultants and the shared business subject came up again – neither of them were totally convinced but we had taken a specialist vacancy from a long standing client of ours which we were struggling to fill. Immediately Tricia recommended Nick Reeves at Burnham Resources. Being new to this didn’t matter – he talked us through everything – a fee was agreed and that was that. He put forward one candidate who we met and put forward to our client; two weeks later an offer was made and accepted. Everyone’s happy, a few are surprised and a £4,050 fee is being split.

We have only been members for little over a month but already the annual subscription fee has been more than covered by the job board discounts and the split fee but, to be honest, it’s not about that – I just think you’ll get out of TEAM what you’re prepared to put in.