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Curtis Recruitment - Paul Phipps

Being a part of the TEAM network has proved to be an invaluable resource for our business.  Not only do we have access to a vast number of other recruitment agencies with whom we can share vacancies and candidates, in the pursuit of split fees, we also have the highly knowledgeable and helpful team at TEAM who have provided us with support and advice as and when needed.  Although we have only had one split fee to date, we have built up excellent working relationships with a number of other TEAM members.

In this highly competitive industry - especially as a small agency -  it is easy to lose sight of the road ahead and the quarterly regional meetings offer an excellent opportunity to gain a multitude of viewpoints, discuss strategies and keep up-to-date with industry updates.

When things were tough for Curtis Recruitment, TEAM helped us to remain focused upon what we were doing and gave us the reassurance that what we were doing was right and that we just needed to keep forging ahead.  This proved to be good advice as we have just completed a successful trading year.  Had we not had this advice and support, we may have changed our strategy in the belief that we were doing something wrong and the results could have been disastrous.

We have received overwhelming support from TEAM Head Office and Members.  We also are working closely with Green Umbrella Marketing, a TEAM supplier, whose knowledge and guidance has assisted us greatly to improve our presence on social media.