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TEAM Testimonials

I just wanted to say that I’ve really appreciated all that you and TEAM have been doing over the last few months, in very challenging circumstances.

I’ve felt well supported and amongst knowledgeable people regarding all the legal stuff and amongst friendly (albeit distanced) colleagues for everything else.

There haven’t always been easy answers but it’s helped to be part of the TEAM network, definitely! 

At the beginning of the lockdown process, like most small businesses I was extremely concerned about future trading and disseminating all of the business information coming through from the government. 

Right from the beginning of the lockdown, TEAM really came into their own and have really proved their worth.  I am so grateful for the initial regional weekly video call meetings, with subject matter experts providing up to date information and guiding us through and helping us to make sense of all the new and changing information.

In my opinion, I need TEAM more now than I ever have in the past.  It has been great to share experiences with other TEAM Members, learn from them and generally support each other.

Thank you very much for all that you’re all doing, it has been extremely helpful and very much needed!

prosperIS have found the support of both TEAM HQ and the TEAM network invaluable throughout the recent lockdown period.  The regular virtual events,  both regionally and across technical fields,  have provided a sounding board for ideas and strategies,  a gauge of the market and the changes within them,  as well as healthy discussions about the future of the industry.  And all of this is in a friendly and collaborative environment.  Thank you to everyone involved in organising and chairing these events,  and for all of TEAM’s support throughout.

I have been a TEAM Member since September 2019 and have found this organisation an excellent support mechanism for our small technical recruitment agency.

With the arrival of the Coronavirus, TEAM has been hugely supportive for their Members throughout the crisis.

In particular, organising regular webinars with other members to help share ideas, innovations and initiatives has been very welcome. Furthermore, these webinars have also been very informative where sector experts and legal advisors have been invited to share their advice and guidance through areas such as new legislation and techniques to help keep our businesses compliant and commercially viable.

Thank you TEAM for your support.

Attended the North West Regional Event, the GDPR session was FANTASTIC …. learnt loads, a real eye opener and a very engaging chap. I took so much from it …. excellent!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say many thanks for all the effort you are putting into keeping the Members informed during these uncertain times. 

I have found the weekly virtual events very useful and informative.  Being able to listen and talk to other company owners going through the same experiences and facing the same challenges as me is reassuring.  The expert advice we are also receiving during these events makes this support invaluable.                 

I just wanted to drop you a quick message to thank you and all at TEAM for the support received during such challenging times.  The Zoom meetings have been a great help keeping us connected with colleagues and sharing best practice enabling us to keep motivated and inspired!

Phillipa and Ruth have consistently led with support and guidance, and the connections from suppliers is proving very helpful.

TEAM has helped me to build some really great relationships  and provided me with the legal/compliance information needed to do things the right way.  I would not hesitate to recommend TEAM.

Before I joined TEAM I was told by another provider "you get back what you put in to the TEAM network". 

This has certainly been the case for me.   My focus from the outset has been to attend meetings and offer to speak on topics that add value to members vs selling my services.  

Within a few months I have made a return on my investment and, more importantly, found a community of engaged business leaders that are keen to learn and grow.  

If you want to add value to members and make the effort to attend regional events, then I would recommend TEAM to any supplier.   If you want to sit back and watch the cash roll in then you might want to spend your money elsewhere. 

At first, I was very sceptical about the whole TEAM Exchange ‘Split Fee’ programme within TEAM. As recruiters, we are very protective over our candidates and our clients, so the idea of sharing them with, essentially, our competitors took some getting used to.

However, after establishing good relationships with a number of different consultants, largely through the TEAM Regional Meetings, it became very apparent that these recruiters wanting to share business were as genuine as me and the fear of them ‘stealing’ my candidate or client was nothing to worry about. There is a very strict TEAM code of conduct when it comes to sharing to back this up.

I have been amazed at the results we have had from TEAM splits and, as such, advertising all of our jobs on the TEAM website is now one of the steps in our recruitment process.

As a company, we always want to find the best person for the job, and if that is a candidate that has come via TEAM Exchange, then so be it. We would rather have a 50% fee, than either the fee going to a completely different agency (outside of TEAM) or for us to get 100% of the fee, only for the candidate not to last within the rebate period.

We joined TEAM in September 2010, shortly after setting up the business.  We were enticed by the discounts offered by TEAM’s network of handpicked service providers - not least the exclusive job board discounts.  Since becoming a part of TEAM, our membership has literally saved us £000’s on essential products and services. Being a part of TEAM though is so much more than just making savings:  TEAM Xchange (TEAM’s fee sharing platform – which has helped us make placements we would not have made otherwise), free helplines manned by industry experts, the library of hundreds of documents and the networking opportunities afforded by a membership of over 700 locations makes TEAM a huge part of our company’s success.

As a business owner I have tried lots of networking to strengthen and grow my company, believing that I needed to spend great swathes of my time meeting ‘potential clients’ and suppliers at all times of day.  In actual fact, the secret has been to network within my own sector, building the most fulfilling relationships with those I might have viewed as competition to be avoided in the past.

TEAM has a whole range of features included in your membership fee.  But for me it’s been the access to a strong support network with other recruiters, sharing knowledge, celebrating the good in our industry and keeping up to date with the market place and legislation changes.  Things that are otherwise very tricky to do from behind a desk.

And with the TEAM Xchange, there is money to be earned in sharing the responsibility for filling a vacancy, increasing your billing opportunities and growing your business as well as helping to support the needs of your customers.

Personally, I chose to give up networking at all times of day with people who don’t understand my industry and, instead, invest my efforts in forging ever strong ties with people like me.  Who understand what I do and the challenges my business faces every day.

I cannot recommend this organisation enough and my only regret is that I didn’t find it earlier.

TEAM is a great way of developing your business and developing your network. We've already gained a client through our Membership after only a few months. As a Service Provider to recruitment agencies, we're proud to be associated with TEAM.  But it's the relaxed and friendly way that TEAM go about things that makes them truly special. Their Head Office will bend over backwards to help you out, and always provide clear, concise information when needed.

Being a part of the TEAM network has proved to be an invaluable resource for our business.  Not only do we have access to a vast number of other recruitment agencies with whom we can share vacancies and candidates, in the pursuit of split fees, we also have the highly knowledgeable and helpful team at TEAM who have provided us with support and advice as and when needed.  Although we have only had one split fee to date, we have built up excellent working relationships with a number of other TEAM members.

In this highly competitive industry - especially as a small agency -  it is easy to lose sight of the road ahead and the quarterly regional meetings offer an excellent opportunity to gain a multitude of viewpoints, discuss strategies and keep up-to-date with industry updates.

When things were tough for Curtis Recruitment, TEAM helped us to remain focused upon what we were doing and gave us the reassurance that what we were doing was right and that we just needed to keep forging ahead.  This proved to be good advice as we have just completed a successful trading year.  Had we not had this advice and support, we may have changed our strategy in the belief that we were doing something wrong and the results could have been disastrous.

We have received overwhelming support from TEAM Head Office and Members.  We also are working closely with Green Umbrella Marketing, a TEAM supplier, whose knowledge and guidance has assisted us greatly to improve our presence on social media.

I am one of those people who take risks, big risks! After +20 years Finance and Accountancy experience and after a night out with friends who had a banter about recruitment agencies, I wondered whether I could make a difference in recruitment because, essentially, I would be changing people’s lives, right?

With one client (from the night out) and a few months of savings, three months later, I left my full-time consultancy job, and Sunrock Recruitment was born. Since starting my business, I had many small businesses try to sell me everything you can imagine for my business. Fortunately for me, it pays to have a finance brain. A few months ago, I attended a Recruitment Expo and met a TEAM Member, Cordelia from Oakley Professional Recruitment. She told me about the benefits of TEAM including the ability to split fees and receive huge discounts on all components of my recruitment business. It included a range of services, from professional insurance, job boards and CV database packages.

I joined TEAM a couple of months later and I have seen a decrease in costs, an increase of revenue (as I now have the ability to place candidates by splitting fees with other recruiters) and have built working relationships with other TEAM Members that I am happy to call friends. I have only used a fraction of the TEAM services, so looking forward to utilising a lot more, including their marketing partner who is a recruitment marketing specialist. You can’t go wrong by using an expert, right?

Smaller agencies are stronger together as we can’t compete with bigger ones. My question to you is why haven’t you joined TEAM yet?

I am sure that anyone who has set up their own company has, at some stage, felt that life can get pretty isolated and can make you feel detached from others and miss that team environment.  That’s why I was so happy to be referred to, and then become a member of, TEAM and I am still reaping the benefits of being a part of the network two years later.  I have probably been involved in over 50 split fees on both sides of the coin, sometimes our job, sometimes our candidate, and that is beneficial to everyone involved.

Most members join via referral and that makes us all kind of self-managing because we all want to make sure the right kind of people keep driving the TEAM culture.  That way, we can keep offering the sort of image and service to clients who we are keen to build relationships with.  Clients who use TEAM members know they are getting pre-qualified, independent recruiters who operate to high standards and will go the extra mile to get posts filled.  Especially with the way that we use the split-fee network.

If a customer has staffing requirements outside of Macstaff’s then we can still meet these needs by engaging TEAM partners on their behalf.  Therefore, clients get the best of both worlds with companies like Macstaff offering local service  knowledge, the support of a national network of independent recruiters and international coverage too.  TEAM’s partnership with NPA Worldwide gives my clients and candidates access to international TEAM members, clients and candidates too.

Your growth and productivity can be transformed with proactive relationship building among TEAM Members, especially when attending TEAM networking events.  One thing that makes a successful Consultant in the large corporate agencies is internal relationships and your ability to deliver appropriate client and candidate services. Trusted internal relationships are just as important as your customers. 

It's the same in TEAM.  Reputation is important, and the results of investing time with TEAM 'Colleagues' has proven fruitful with two placements in four months, supportive contacts both in TEAM Head Office, Suppliers and other Members. With several candidates currently in the selection process for multiple jobs, our membership has been an excellent way to achieve a win-win for everyone involved. 

Working with quality, successful Members is great fun! 

I found the workshop very informative and now have some ideas about how I can roll this out to my Clients.

Joining TEAM has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  When I decided to set up independently the one thing I worried about was isolation.  Being part of the TEAM network has completely allayed those fears.  I feel like Step Ahead Recruitment are part of a huge organisation with all the support I need, if and when I want it.  I really enjoy networking with other recruiters and have worked successfully with several TEAM Members now. TEAM Members represent a new age of recruiters, who work together not against one another, and I love being a part of the association.

As a founding Member of TEAM, Personnel Placements has always recognised the value of working together with like-minded agencies to enable us to provide a complete service to our clients. We have worked with several TEAM agencies on various vacancies, most recently a Senior Managerial role for a Salisbury based business who also has a production site in Bulgaria. Barbara from People Logistics sourced several suitable candidates for us which our client was delighted with and they appointed within eight weeks, resulting in a £20,000 fee split. This success was built on the back of building an honest working relationship with Barbara from the start and, without her support, we wouldn’t have been able to ensure the client had no need to approach a High Street Specialist Agency.

We met Barbara at the TEAM Exec meeting and would recommend any Member who is keen to recruit into specialist roles to join the group at one of their meetings. We have met with several specialist TEAM Members this way, building some excellent working relationships which have resulted in us working together to successfully recruit into IT, Finance and Engineering roles which, ordinarily, we would have struggled to fill. TEAM in general offers so much support and they are always at the end of the phone if you need advice or help with which TEAM member might be best suited to support you. 

What are the benefits of TEAM? Additional income and client retention. As one branch based in West Wiltshire we have made placements around the UK and have temps working in Bristol and as far afield as London and Leeds, generating additional income.

Can I just say how much I enjoyed my first TEAM Regional meeting. It was a superb day, completely not what I was expecting - open, honest, informative and therapeutic (everyone else's experiences seem to mirror ours!!).

I was recommended to join TEAM in my first month of setting up my own recruitment business. Having worked for one of the largest recruiters across the globe, setting up on my own at home I knew would be a struggle. So to find TEAM so early on was a complete godsend. Within three months of launching Winhurst Recruitment, I made my first fee which was achieved by working with another TEAM Member who had contacted me. I have also found a network of like-minded recruiters who have helped me enormously and, as a result, I can share the joys and frustrations of recruitment at TEAM meetings as well as on an individual basis. I would highly recommend joining TEAM as the recruitment industry can be really tough. TEAM have helped make it much easier; thank you.

TEAM had been recommended to us by two different recruitment companies but to be totally honest I only picked up the phone to call Tricia when I needed to renew some job board subscriptions, as I knew one of the benefits of being a TEAM Member was discounted rates. However Tricia was not content just to let me join; she convinced me of the importance of attending the TEAM quarterly meeting. To be honest, I was a bit sceptical as to the benefits but was pleasantly surprised. Existing Members talked positively of the benefits of sharing business – unheard of in a world where one recruiter doesn’t usually trust another as far as they can throw them. We had a group discussion on each table which was just normal & honest and there was also a great guest speaker, Jeremy Snell of Zero Entropy, who was really motivational and challenged a lot of the norms, which was really interesting.

Tricia then came to our offices to meet two of our Permanent Consultants and the shared business subject came up again – neither of them were totally convinced but we had taken a specialist vacancy from a long standing client of ours which we were struggling to fill. Immediately Tricia recommended Nick Reeves at Burnham Resources. Being new to this didn’t matter – he talked us through everything – a fee was agreed and that was that. He put forward one candidate who we met and put forward to our client; two weeks later an offer was made and accepted. Everyone’s happy, a few are surprised and a £4,050 fee is being split.

We have only been members for little over a month but already the annual subscription fee has been more than covered by the job board discounts and the split fee but, to be honest, it’s not about that – I just think you’ll get out of TEAM what you’re prepared to put in.

When Lloyds Recruitment Finance offered TEAM Members a reduced fee on their services, Members were quick to speak to them, this Member reported saving £15K per annum on his business invoice discounting.

Ever sceptical about sharing business, I was at first reluctant to see the real benefits of TEAM.  However, from month one it soon became clear that the concept is not only profitable but also educational for us. In a short period of time we have built up a close network of consultants with whom we have regular dialogue and share candidates and jobs alike. We have also found it useful as an independent to have access to a wide variety of services and be able to pick up the phone to fellow professionals for advice on a variety of issues. I would recommend TEAM wholeheartedly and would be more than happy to discuss the benefits with prospective business owners.

Being a member of TEAM, with its like-minded Members, providing national and sometime global coverage gives us the confidence and opportunity to tender for business outside our core geographical area that we would not normally consider tendering for. The regional meetings enable us to meet with fellow Recruiters discussing trends, opportunities and threats and suchlike to the Recruitment industry and not just in our specific sector.

Every time I come back from a TEAM Regional Meeting I am always fizzing and buzzing with new ideas and feel very enthused. Our membership is so innovative that the meeting becomes a great ideas exchange. 

Understanding this legislation is vital to the continued success of all our businesses and can be quite heavy going and intimidating.  However it was made enjoyable and humorous whilst informing us of the legal aspects of the regulations and possible thought provoking solutions to speak to our clients about.