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TEAM Rescue

Certain TEAM Service Providers have offered to provide TEAM Members the opportunity of accessing a free telephone helpline on a specific subject. Calls are expected to be brief but hopefully it will at least enable both parties to decide whether the matter needs a more detailed approach. Any Member utilising this service will be asked for their membership number so please have it to hand. If you have a query not covered by a helpline then please contact TEAM Head Office.

Perhaps a little dramatic ... but so has the economy in recent times!

There can often be periods of some concern as to what the present and future may hold for their business. Many factors can be involved such as client stability, debtor concerns, staffing queries, raising/retaining finance to name just a few. Often such concerns can become more serious by delay, either by hoping it will resolve itself, not facing up to the problem or maybe just not knowing who to turn to.

TEAM doesn’t have a magic quick fix or any cast iron guarantees but we do have a desire to help wherever and whenever we can. Amongst the Membership (both Agency and Service Provider) we do have a few “grey heads” and lateral thinkers who either individually or together may be able to provide guidance, direct help or even a solution to a Members problems.

There is no “package" solution, everyone will have unique challenges that affect them differently that in turn will require a unique individual solution.

If you think this may apply to you then even if it’s just to talk please get in touch with Simon Garbett or Jackie Torr at TEAM HO. Obviously any discussion would be without prejudice and completely confidential and without charge.

Tel: 01730 890476