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Certain TEAM Service Providers have offered to provide TEAM Members the opportunity of accessing a free telephone helpline on a specific subject. Calls are expected to be brief but hopefully it will at least enable both parties to decide whether the matter needs a more detailed approach. Any Member utilising this service will be asked for their membership number so please have it to hand. If you have a query not covered by a helpline then please contact TEAM Head Office.

In order for TEAM Members to access the FREE IT helpline provided by Francis and his team from Westtek Solutions, please call 0203 195 0555,  text ITHELP to 66777, or use the link to book your free 15 minute call.

They have been delivering IT solutions and Pro-Active support, to small and medium size companies worldwide for the last 26 years and specifically to the Recruitment Industry for 16 years.

Here are some examples:

  • What CRM should I use?
  • What Phone system will work best for my company?
  • Should I be buying Pc’s or Laptops for my staff?
  • Should I be using Office 365 or Google Mail for Email?
  • What is the best Video software to use for interviews?
  • How can I check to make sure my staff are not stealing data?
  • What technology does a good recruitment company owner need to grow a business fast?
  • What are the 7 mistakes Recruitment company owners make when it comes to technology and how to fix it?
  • Should I get an IT support contract or pay as I go?
  • Should I use free and paid Antivirus software?
  • Will a cheap firewall protect my data and stop me from being hacked?
  • What is the best Spam software on the market?
  • Should I backup my emails from all the staff?
  • Cloud or not?
  • Will Hosted Desktops suit my business?
  • What file backup solution is best for my business?

Francis and his team are here to help, please call 0203 195 0555,  text ITHELP to 66777, or use the link to book your FREE 15 minute call.