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TEAM International

Certain TEAM Service Providers have offered to provide TEAM Members the opportunity of accessing a free telephone helpline on a specific subject. Calls are expected to be brief but hopefully it will at least enable both parties to decide whether the matter needs a more detailed approach. Any Member utilising this service will be asked for their membership number so please have it to hand. If you have a query not covered by a helpline then please contact TEAM Head Office.

Whether placing them here or overseas, contractors give you a steady income every month and are generally more profitable than permanents.  

As in your home country, whenever you place an individual overseas on a fixed-term assignment, the law requires you to ensure ‘Contractor Compliance’ is visible and vigorously applied.

Tax legislation in every country constantly changes, imposed by a fluctuating local/global economy, influenced by political will and tempered by business practice.  Escalating domestic and international legislation, together with a proliferation of cross-border agreements, makes it critical you have timely access to supportive information at the time you are placing consultants on fixed-term, overseas assignments. ​

What issues can be covered by the ‘TEAM International Helpline’?

Typical questions are:

  • “My client wants me to provide contractors in (COUNTRY).  What are the key statutory and commercial risks and how can they best be managed?”
  • “Does my candidate need a residence permit/a business visa/a work permit to carry out the assignment in (COUNTRY)?”
  • “How can I be sure my placement is registered for local tax and social security?”
  • “Does my placement have to be registered in the country of work from day one?”
  • “How should my placement be structured to operate the assignment in the country of work?”
  • “Can my placement use their own personal service company to take the overseas contract?”
  • “What is Chain Law?  Could it expose me and my client to statutory risk?”
  • “What is the ‘183-day rule’?”

What does the ‘TEAM International Helpline’ NOT cover?

  • Theoretical comparisons.
  • Complex situations such as ongoing tax or compliance issues.
  • Contract reviews.