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TEAM International

Certain TEAM Service Providers have offered to provide TEAM Members the opportunity of accessing a free telephone helpline on a specific subject. Calls are expected to be brief but hopefully it will at least enable both parties to decide whether the matter needs a more detailed approach. Any Member utilising this service will be asked for their membership number so please have it to hand. If you have a query not covered by a helpline then please contact TEAM Head Office.

Whether placing them here or overseas, contractors give you a steady income every month and are generally more profitable than permanents.  

As in your home country, whenever you place an individual overseas on a fixed-term assignment, the law requires you to ensure ‘Contractor Compliance’ is visible and vigorously applied.

Tax legislation in every country constantly changes, imposed by a fluctuating local/global economy, influenced by political will and tempered by business practice.  Escalating domestic and international legislation, together with a proliferation of cross-border agreements, makes it critical you have timely access to supportive information at the time you are placing consultants on fixed-term, overseas assignments. 

To help you, as a TEAM Member, safely and securely make profitable overseas placements, the ‘TEAM International Helpline’ gives you FREE, timely access by telephone to relevant guidance and assistance related to firm overseas assignment opportunities you are considering.

This exclusive service gives you ready access to a team of international tax and financial management experts.

Having the benefit of authoritative and knowledgeable guidance at the beginning enables you to recognise, assess and manage risk – maybe all you need to avoid a problem becoming a very expensive mistake.

As a market leader, ItsInternational is widely recognised as offering the finest range of international services for recruiters and facilitating the most appropriate structures for their expatriate and local placements operating fixed-term assignments overseas.  For over 30 years, we have been efficiently delivering excellent, highly-focused, international guidance to the recruitment and consultancy industry.

Our experience and up-to-date knowledge has been neatly packaged and made FREELY and readily available to all TEAM members through the ‘TEAM International Helpline’.

Whilst the Helpline is based in the Central London offices of ItsInternational, your placements are supported by locally-regulated professionals and local service providers as appropriate for each overseas country.  For more details about ItsInternational, contact Mike Phillips on +44 (0)20 7477 2660 or at

What does the ‘TEAM International Helpline’ offer?

  • Up to 20 minutes telephone discussion with one of ItsInternational’s consultants.
  • Initial guidance on any queries related to overseas assignment opportunities.
  • Basic guidance on options and alternatives.

What issues can be covered by the ‘TEAM International Helpline’?

Typical questions are:

  • “My client wants me to provide contractors in (COUNTRY).  What are the key statutory and commercial risks and how can they best be managed?”
  • “Does my candidate need a residence permit/a business visa/a work permit to carry out the assignment in (COUNTRY)?”
  • “How can I be sure my placement is registered for local tax and social security?”
  • “Does my placement have to be registered in the country of work from day one?”
  • “How should my placement be structured to operate the assignment in the country of work?”
  • “Can my placement use their own personal service company to take the overseas contract?”
  • “What is Chain Law?  Could it expose me and my client to statutory risk?”
  • “What is the ‘183-day rule’?”

What does the ‘TEAM International Helpline’ NOT cover?

  • Theoretical comparisons.
  • Complex situations such as ongoing tax or compliance issues.
  • Contract reviews.

ItsInternational is able to deal with these but not via the Helpline.

Why has TEAM chosen ItsInternational?

  • Because we are passionate about compliance and have a great understanding of commercial and statutory risk.
  • Because we work closely with ‘contractor savvy’, locally-regulated accountants and locally-registered specialists to provide expatriate and local placements in their host countries with an ongoing service to best meet their individual needs and aspirations.
  • Because we use the services of industry specialists who help us provide information and guidance on a range of placement structures to ensure the overall offering continues at a high standard.
  • Because we cover many countries but primarily focus on Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.  Principles of placement compliance are similar across the globe.  However, if there is ever an occasion when we cannot directly help, we will always point you in the right direction.

What are the ‘TEAM International Helpline’s’ rules of engagement?

  • The Helpline is open to you as a TEAM Member.
  • The Helpline is FREE for you at the point of use.
  • The Helpline is available from 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays and the period between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
  • To access the Helpline, either email or dial +44 (0)20 7477 2660 quoting your TEAM membership number.
  • Normally within one working day, an ItsInternational Consultant will either call you back using the number shown on TEAM’s membership list or, if appropriate, send an email response to the address shown on TEAM’s membership list.
  • The Helpline is designed to give you basic, initial guidance so please allow us to help you make the best use of your 20 minutes call time.
  • Should more involved work from us be required, you can instruct ItsInternational to carry out the agreed work.  You will always be advised in advance should your enquiry be sufficiently involved to become subject to ItsInternational’s professional fees.
  • Please understand ItsInternational can only rely on the query details you provide during the Helpline call, often made with the absence of relevant information and associated documentation.  Consequently, ItsInternational is unable to accept responsibility for any information or guidance relating to your use of the Helpline.    
  • The ‘TEAM International’ International Line is subject to the legal notices at

To access the “TEAM International Helpline”, either call +44 (0)20 7477 2660 or email