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Strategic Trading Groups

The diversity of industry sectors covered by TEAM Members can be evidenced by the drop down tab of specialisms in the Membership Directory. In addition to the range of services available throughout the Membership a number of Members have formed more strategic trading groups to provide clients and candidates a more focused service in specific sectors.

TEAM Executive & Professional

Specialists exist in all businesses and the term may perhaps be used to describe an individual with outstanding focused skills.

Candidates with such specific skills are highly sought after and to assist in the search TEAM has the advantage of a partnership with NPAworldwide who are a similar independent recruitment network, based in the USA, with some 500+ Members in 26 countries around the world.

However there will be many circumstances where the requirement may require ‘something different.’ Within the TEAM network there are many Member agencies located throughout the UK that only specialise in specific sectors or industries both at home and abroad. Such agencies may also offer bespoke services such as headhunting, search and selection, tailored interviewing and testing and customer specific HR services. These have been drawn into TEAM Executive and Specialist Recruitment Division, where these individual services and Members knowledge can be networked to ensure that the very best available candidates are selected.

TEAM Driving

Putting the right people in the driving seat ….. throughout the UK.

TEAM DRIVING is a specialist division of TEAM, the largest network of independent recruiters in the UK serving all business sectors.

Within this network there are many TEAM Members specifically providing services to the driving, freight transport and logistics sector.

Some Members are transport specialists and are members of the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and/or the Road Haulage Association (RHA). Additionally some Members offer a range of approved JAUPT Driver CPC training either on or off site.

TEAM IT & Engineering

Members of the TEAM TECHNICAL division are recruiters predominately specialising in Computer, IT, Engineering and related sectors.

Clients requirements within these areas are often highly specialised and require specific knowledge of an industry and/or job specification. The TEAM network has many locations across the UK with professional recruiters dealing with such vacancies and candidates.

Candidates with such specific skills are highly sought after and to assist in the search TEAM has the advantage of a partnership with NPAworldwide who are a similar independent recruitment network, with some 500+ Members in  26 countries around the world.

Whatever your requirements, these combined networks provide unrivalled coverage, on a worldwide scale to ensure the best candidates secure the most suitable vacancies.

TEAM Health & Social Care

Members of the TEAM Health & Social Care are recruiters specifically in the Health, Dental, Medical & Social Care Sectors.  

Within the TEAM network there are over 100 Members providing services specific to these Sectors.  This means TEAM is one of the largest, if not the largest, network of Healthcare Specialist Recruiters in the UK.

TEAM International

Whether placing them here or overseas, contractors give you a steady income every month and are generally more profitable than permanents.  

As in your home country, whenever you place an individual overseas on a fixed-term assignment, the law requires you to ensure ‘Contractor Compliance’ is visible and vigorously applied.

Tax legislation in every country constantly changes, imposed by a fluctuating local/global economy, influenced by political will and tempered by business practice.  Escalating domestic and international legislation, together with a proliferation of cross-border agreements, makes it critical you have timely access to supportive information at the time you are placing consultants on fixed-term, overseas assignments. ​