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TEAM Xchange

The original concept behind TEAM was to create a platform for like-minded independent recruiters to share business opportunities when and where the need arose. On a daily basis TEAM Members now do this as a matter of course and to facilitate the process we have developed a split fee tool on the TEAM website called TEAM Xchange. This portal usually has over £1 million of split fees available every day!

How does it work?

The reasons for networking can be many and varied and certainly we don’t know any recruiter that fills every vacancy or finds a job for every candidate! Perhaps the most usual is for a client to provide their agency with a requirement outside of the sector they usually specialise in. Given the huge range of specialisation across the TEAM recruitment network this process allows Members to instantly partner with an appropriate recruiter to ensure the client’s needs are met.

Every Member has areas of the recruitment market they specialise in and they have already preselected these from over 100 sectors as well as geographic locations. When a Member loads a vacancy or candidate onto TEAM Xchange the details are automatically matched based on these selections to those Members best suited to assist and they are immediately sent an email alert. Additionally all TEAM Members can view all networked vacancies and candidates at any time. Cooperation is obviously voluntary and Members can decide from the information provided whether they wish to offer assistance. If so they are able to contact the relevant Member direct and discuss and agree how to proceed.

The split fee arrangements are a matter for the participating agencies to agree and confirm between themselves. The most usual is for the agreed fee to be split 50/50, however there may be special circumstances and/or market conditions which might suggest a different fee split is appropriate. In many cases a split fee, no matter how big or small, represents a business opportunity that may have been lost if not networked and a client not satisfied. In these recorded instances, a client, a candidate and two recruiters all end up with a successful result!

Members are advised to confirm all split fee arrangements in writing, a model Co-operation Agreement form is available to download in ‘Split Fees’ in the Members area of the TEAM website is required.

Watch the video below to see TEAM Members' views on TEAM Xchange.