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Can I join TEAM automatically?

No. Whilst we very much hope we can add your business to our growing UK network there will be certain "checks & balances" that need to be actioned beforehand. These include:

  • Independent ownership
  • Evidence of sound, ethical business practice
  • Geographical and sector fit
  • Credit check
  • Co-operative approach to networking
  • Adherence to the TEAM Constitution and Code and....
  • Last but not least, are you nice people to do business with!

Can I join TEAM if I am a member of other organisations?

Absolutely. Businesses join associations and organisations for all sorts of reasons and the services and benefits they receive and can access will be varied. TEAM we believe is unique in the benefits provided to its Membership but if somebody else can offer something we don't, then they should consider engaging with them as well.

I have 2 other office locations and one other separate business. Are they all covered by one application?

Each individual business will be treated as a separate entity albeit we will be aware of common ownership. Each business will be responsible for a TEAM Membership fee, although multiple businesses will benefit from a discounted rate.

How do I network?

Nothing is as good as face to face. TEAM provides a series of over 70 meetings a year around the country, including a National Networking Conference, enabling you to engage with fellow Members and Service Providers. In addition TEAM produces regular Newsletter and bulletins to which Members can contribute as well as a number of TEAM social media groups.

How do I share business?

TEAM Xchange provides a relatively simple process enabling any Member to post information on a job or candidate they would like to share. Interested TEAM Members will contact you and you are free to engage and agree terms directly with them. The main Agency will be responsible for discharging any fees due in accordance with what was initially agreed.

What is the cost of joining TEAM?

Each Agency business pays an initial registration fee and then a monthly fee for its main branch which is currently £75.00 (+vat) with a reduced rate for additional locations. Payment by monthly standing order. Service Providers to TEAM operate under different charges.

What do I do next?

The 'About Us' tab will provide you with more information but ideally, please either contact us online or our Membership Team on 01730 890476.